You've been playing the violin for a few years, but you're frustrated: You're still unable to improvise and you're still reliant on a score ?

Do you want to feel the pleasure of mastering improvisation?

Do you dream of delivering shining performances with dizzying (and controlled) solos?

Do you think this is all just for geniuses?

This is totally wrong : it's a limiting belief...

It is only a matter of practice and personal investment.

The problem is that it is difficult to motivate yourself to practice alone at home...

That's why I set up this regular support for dedicated violinists which comes in the form of group lessons on Monday and/or Tuesday, twice a month..


From May 22, there are 2 English-French bilingual groups (Madrid time zone)

- THE TUESDAY GROUP at 10:30 a.m.:

an intermediate-advanced group with students who have been taking lessons since last year or who know the basics of jazz violin


for violinists with at least a 3-year technical basis in violin (the acquisition of the method is recommended for this group and will be offered to you at a lower price in addition to registration)

Each lesson will last 1h30. You will only be able to attend one live class, but you will have access to the REPLAYS OF THE 2 COURSES, therefore of the other group as well.

The courses are in ENGLISH AND FRENCH.

You can download the material used during the lesson.

You will also have access to a MEMBER AREA with the REPLAYS of the courses of the 2 levels, the training "LATIN JAZZ ON THE VIOLIN" all the REPLAYS OF THE COURSES already passed since October 2021, i.e. more than 80 hours of lessons...


The registration period lasts only until next SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10 at 23:30 PM, because I want to maintain a quality of exchange and teaching for the registered students...

You have very little time left to enjoy it!



From September 2023, I am beginning the following integration system:

Each new student will start with the PREPARATION formula:

45 minutes of individual lessons per month + access to replays

This will allow me to see where you are and to follow you at the beginning of your learning. So you won't be able to participate in group lives right away, only from the second month after our first individual lesson, or later when you feel ready.

If I have already met you in a workshop or an online course, you will be able to directly access group lessons if you wish.

If I do this, it is because the 2 Monday and Tuesday groups have now acquired tools that allow us to move forward at a certain pace, and it is not easy to integrate new people who would need a more individual follow-up at the beginning.

You can also choose additional options:

- THE PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION which allows direct access to the two courses, on Monday and Tuesday

- ONE YEAR OF COURSES: if you are sure to stay registered for at least 1 year, I have created an annual subscription.

The advantage: if you take the whole year, I offer you 1 month of lessons!

- THE 1-year PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION, which allows direct access to the two courses on Monday and Tuesday for 1 year, with also 1 month free.


If you wish to interrupt the subscription, it's very simple: just send me an email, and I will unsubscribe you before the next payment date.

If you want to cancel the one-year subscription right after registration, you have one week to ask me for the refund from the date of purchase. Beyond that, you will be unsubscribed on the next payment date.

I can support you in your journey to master violin improvisation.

What are my credentials??

Let's say I know the subject.

A graduate of the conservatory, I spent 18 years as a classically trained violinist. Then I turned to jazz.

My teachers: Pierre Blanchard and Didier Lockwood.

Soon, I will release my album "Souffle" accompanied by very famous jazz musicians: Giovanni Mirabassi, François Moutin, Baptiste Herbin and Lukmil Perez.

I have given many jazz violin masterclasses and lessons, notably in Switzerland (HMU Lausanne), in Italy (Torino jazz festival, Chamois festival, Perinaldo festival), in the Netherlands (Grappelli-Django Camp), in Spain (Fiddle Congress), and in France (Didier Lockwood Music Center)

In 2016, I created the blog "Apprendre le violon jazz / LEARN JAZZ VIOLIN" , which quickly became number 1 on Google...

The enthusiasm around my teachings motivated me to create my own method:

"The New Way to Learn Jazz Violin".

The numbers always surprise me :

  • 650'000 views on Youtube
  • 5300 followers on Instagram
  • 7000 followers on Facebook
  • 3500 people subscribe to my newsletter...
  • ...and more thant 500 students have enrolled in my courses!

Here are 2 NEW VIDEOS extracted from the lessons :


Take a peek at the member access area where you can access REPLAYS, other course documents, and scores!

Check out the video and you can discover how this interface works.

And you will know exactly what you will have access to during the whole time of your registration.

All this... with my composition "Minuit" in the background!

(from my album Inspirations)



1. You will be able to ask me QUESTIONS live.

2. You have the opportunity to get INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK from me on certain exercises (not mandatory...)

3. Before the lesson, you will receive by email the MATERIAL we'll use during the lesson (playbacks, scores, music to listen to, etc.)

4. After each lesson, you'll receive the REPLAY of the lesson. In case you're unable to meet for the lesson, you will still have full access to the teachings and the course material.

5. You will receive access to a member's area with VIDEO REPLAYS OF ALL LESSONS since October 2021.

6. You will find a summary of the WORK PLAN FOR EACH LESSON in the member's area.

7. Between classes, you will have access to a private SUPPORT GROUP on Facebook, where you can ask me any questions and exchange ideas with other students. Here you can share your video and audio recordings of exercises we work on in class.

8. You can also CONTACT ME BY EMAIL OR WHATSAPP between classes to send me your exercise performance videos, or ask me questions.

9. YOUR COMMITMENT IS SHORT-TERM : each month, you can decide whether or not to continue the lessons the following month! (except special promotion)

10. Thanks to your registration, you will have access to an unbeatable price on my method "The new way to learn swing on the violin" (127 euros instead of 297)

11. You will have a free access to the training "LATIN JAZZ ON THE VIOLIN"

Testimonials from my students :

“Eva is a fantastic teacher, she's very clear and patient and has a wonderful methodology to help anyone learn to play jazz violin. You’ll love her and her classes!

Looking forward to the classes starting soon. "


"Gypsy jazz, swing, improvisation ... you can learn it.

With Eva Slongo. She explains and shows how to do it, step by step.

I don't know of a better method and look forward to the videos to come.

Thanks Eva. "


"Learning the jazz violin with Eva is an unusual adventure ... Built in the simplicity and logic of jazzy phrasing, a very personal journey opens onto a truly progressive practice. With patience and benevolence, Eva brings the technical and musical demonstration of the game of bowing and fingerings, leading to harmonic and melodic understanding of the standards that she has carefully chosen. Her method—her playful and inviting way of teaching—helped me to explore in practice the rich and inventive universe of the jazz violin!"


"First of all, you are an excellent violinist and without this talent one cannot convey the teachings correctly. In addition, everything is analyzed in detail so that we can understand it. I made a lot of progress thanks to you. I highly recommend this course!"


Testimonial from Ann Vancollier, professional violinist



- 45 minutes of individual lesson the first month or more

- direct acces to 2 group lessons of 1h30 per month, 4 lessons for PREMIUM MEMBERS

- the material used during the course (scores and audios)

-access to the training "LATIN JAZZ ON THE VIOLIN"

- access to Replays of the 2 lessons (from the other group too)

- access to the member area with past Replays (more than 80 hours of lessons...)

- access to 2 private groups on Facebook and What's App

- my feedback and an answer to your questions during the lessons

- feedback and answers between classes by email, on WhatsApp or Facebook according to your needs

You will find more details on the progress of the courses below this payment form

Your contact details :

Payment details :



Classes are on Mondays from 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

(Madrid time zone)


in 2023:

September 11-12 and 25-26

October 9-10 and 23-24

November 6-7 and 20-21

December 4-5 and 18-19

If you are unavailable for a course, be aware that you will be able to access the replay of each course!

If I am unable to teach, I will consult you to reschedule the course on another Tuesday, always at the same times, or exceptionally another day at the same times.

We will work each time on a new jazz or gipsy jazz standard, by deepening a technical aspect of the jazz violin on this piece.

I can also adapt to your request! You can ask me questions in the second part of the course, and sometimes show me the exercises live (not obligatory).

Ideally, it would be better to participate in these classes in addition to my method, and to have at least some knowledge of jazz beforehand. The acquisition of my method is recommended for the Monday group.

If during the year you want to change group, just write me an email.


What are the details ?

1. You register

2. You will receive a private link to the group lesson on ZOOM before the lesson.

3. You log into the course when the time comes!

4. You can watch the replay on member access from the same day or the next day.

What do I need to attend these lessons ?

1. A computer with webcam

2. An internet connection if possible of high quality

3. A metronome

4. Possibly an external support to play the playbacks or music (phone, tablet). I will play the music directly on the call but in case of technical problem I will also send you the files.

5. Oh yes, and your violin too! it can be useful

How do I stop my subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription at any time!

Once the payment is made, it is valid for two lessons, for one month.

THE PAYMENT WILL AUTOMATICALLY GO THROUGH ONE MONTH LATER. If you want to stop the lessons and CANCEL the payments, just CONTACT me BY EMAIL AT THE LATEST 2 DAYS BEFORE PAYMENT, and I will cancel your subscription.

If the payment has already gone through, you will not be eligible for a refund, but you will be able to attend classes that month. Then your subscription will be canceled the following month.


Need more informations ? contact me via email :


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